New Story’s private licensed schools offer a special education academic learning environment and multiple therapeutic services to help children achieve success while coping with emotional and behavioral challenges. We serve children from kindergarten through 21 years of age.

Our schools provide classrooms for children with autism and emotional support needs, and in some locations, classrooms for children with multiple disabilities. Many students who attend New Story maintain a regular academic schedule, including reading, math, social studies and science. Additionally, students are taught lifelong skills such as appropriate behaviors, self-sufficiency, personal hygiene and vocational skills.

New Story is more than just a place where a child goes to learn. Each school provides the necessary academic, behavior, and life skills supports to help students create new stories of success and growth. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring each student has the opportunity to grow to their fullest potential.

At New Story schools, children are writing new chapters filled with hope and success for their futures. New Story schools use a comprehensive approach to educating students. We work closely with the family, the school district and other professionals in the child’s life to create an individualized program to meet the student’s needs. Our goal is to teach students the necessary social, behavioral and educational skills needed to be successful in life and return to their home district as quickly as possible. For more information about New Story and it’s programs, please click here for our downloadable version of our brochure.

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