Child Receives Therapy Bike From New Story

In 2015 my daughter, Rebecca, was the recipient of a new bike through New Story. We were thrilled to get the bike. It was our intention to use it to help Rebecca gain strength in her legs to facilitate eventual independent walking. Rebecca had surgery in February so we were particularly excited to use the bike to regain strength lost, due to a long recovery time following surgery.

Unfortunately, Rebecca became very sick shortly after receiving the bike. She was critically ill in Children’s for a month. We lost a lot of ground, physically, during that time. By the time she was ready to try riding again, it was winter. All that being said, I am enclosing a picture of Rebecca on her bike, Easter 2016. We have gotten a lot of time on the bike this summer. She is getting stronger every day due, in great part, to the use of her bike. We can not thank New Story enough for your gift. Even though we were unable to use it right away, it has been perfect timing for us.

We did not want any more time to go by without stopping to say thank you. Our focus for 2 years has been getting her healthy again and strong enough to walk independently. We are not totally there but I am happy to report that she does walk with forearm crutches with some assistance.

Your gift is very much appreciated. Thank you for your kindness.

Cathy & Chip Hildebrand