“Working at New Story brings many feelings to mind, but pride is the feeling I have most often.  One of the many things for me that is great is when we have a program, science fair, or graduation ceremony.  To see the students take part in any of these events so proudly, then to look at the crowd and see all of the joyful tears in parents/guardians eyes is so beautiful and meaningful. I cannot keep track of how often I have tears in my own eyes. To know I was part of helping students take part in special events makes me very proud of the school I am a part of. I feel privileged in knowing that I am a part of the new story that the student is creating. It’s a great feeling.”

Judy Buckman, Classroom Assistant
New Story, Wyoming

“Indiana New Story is an amazing place to work. Being a part of this very special team makes everyday fun and enjoyable. Everyone who works in the building is unique, but we all work well together. The leadership in our building is fantastic and they work hard to make sure everyone has all the support needed to make this job great. I choose now to stay at New Story because of this team I belong to. It feels great to belong to a team that works hard every day to make sure we produce success stories for our students and ourselves!”

Cori Keller
New Story, Indiana

“I always feel appreciated by everyone and am grateful for all the wonderful “little extras” that are available here at New Story. Administrators are always coming up with ways to appreciate the staff here but for me the biggest perk was when I was able to advance to Assistant Office Manager. I love that New Story administrators see the potential and benefits of promoting and advancement from within the company. The individualized services that we offer and give to our students are second to none. Our staff is trained and provides the best possible care and guidance. I have personally witnessed some wonderful new stories for some of our most challenged kids and I am so very happy to be a part of the team that makes that happen every day.”

Teresa Pizzo, Assistant Office Manager
New Story, Wyoming

“I work at New Story because this agency has given me the opportunity to further advance my career and work with families as well as have the chance make a difference in the lives of our clients and their families. I truly believe in the eco-systemic model as it not only applies to our Family-Based work, but applies to everyday interactions and relationships in our personal lives. I work with a great team and am proud to be a part of New Story.”

Tamara Allen
New Story

“We are a team here at New Story. I cannot be successful without the support of my teammates.  We face many challenges each day, and we do it as a team. The only way to be successful is to work together for the benefit of our students. My job is different every day, but each day I know I am serving my students and supporting the team. I make a difference each day, and I like the way that feels!”

Diane K. Roulston, Transition Coordinator
New Story

“New Story is not just a place to work. It is a family. A family of both staff and students. We always say “we work hard but we play equally as hard”.  A truer statement has never been  made. Everyone who works here is here for one reason and that is for the kids. The entire staff is so devoted to ensuring that we make a difference in their lives. I am so glad that I made the decision to come to work for New Story and plan on many more happy years at our school.”

Theresa Liddle, Teacher
New Story

“I work at New Story because I am surrounded by an amazing and helpful team. As a first year teacher, I always feel comfortable seeking help from others and I always learn new things from veteran staff. The kids are all unique and I enjoy working with every single child in my classroom.”

Lauren McCracken, Teacher
New Story, DuBois

“I love that I come into work and a student tells me that they used a coping skills that we have discussed or that they earned all of their stars this week with the biggest smile on their face. Those days make the days where I want to pull my hair out completely disappear from my mind. I can have a five minute conversation with a student and an entire week of tough days seems like a few minutes of my time. I can honestly say that I love my job and I love being part of the New Story team. The rewards I get from what I do and the difference I can make completely outweighs the stress and bad days.”

Christine Roberts, School Counselor
New Story, Throop

“I work at New Story because I enjoy the sense of accomplishment I get when I see a child succeed and better themselves at something I had a part in teaching them. I also like the feeling of not only being part of a team, but also part of a family. I have never worked anywhere else where I feel so close to each person because of the many tasks we have accomplished together.”

Maryellen Burdess, Classroom Support Staff
New Story, Selinsgrove

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